Friday, June 29, 2012

Friend Friday ~ Beware Lexical Ambiguity by T.C. Worthington

Don't you just marvel how some people seem able to take the simplest concept and make it sound sophisticated and complicated? Okay. Don't do that!

The title of my offering today refers to language, which is unclear, by virtue of being open to interpretation or having more than one meaning.

In many genres, especially mystery and suspense, one might not want to spell out every detail up front. It is, of course, fun to tease and leave a reader wondering what will happen next. Who is the culprit? Which lover will the heroine choose? How can the hero possibly save the day? 

However, too much obscurity or vagueness can leave a reader confused and frustrated. It can also lead to incorrect conclusions on the part of a reader, adding more confusion. That is never good.

Granted, some ambiguity may be influenced by context. Terms, descriptions, or other information might seem vague if used in one way, but clearer if used in another.
Unfortunately, not all authors are skilled in the use of ambiguity and not all plots or situations lend themselves readily to its use.

For the most part, authors should aim for clarity, and avoid leaving readers guessing at their meaning.

Frustrated readers often leave a book unfinished. Worse yet, they may return it for a refund, and might even post an uncomplimentary review. Those are three things no author ever wants!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Nude or Naked?

Shedding your clothes and having sex is not difficult. People do that all the time.

Do you want more from a relationship than that? I am not saying you should. That is, of course, your choice.

Exposing your mind, heart, and soul to another is another matter. Trusting and caring enough to allow another to see not just your physical body and its possible imperfections, but also your thoughts, fears, needs, hopes, and dreams is a major step. 

Vulnerability on that level is truly being naked!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hump Day ~ A Slave Without A Master

A Slave Without A Master
by Shey

A servant is what i am
To friends, family, and strangers
Always helping
Always caring
Always giving
For it’s my nature
Yet, i long to serve in ways
No one understands
To be the slave i was born to be
Not one without benefits
The One i will serve
Knows i serve with
Love and loyalty
With all that i am
All that i have to give
My heart, mind, and body
All for Him
My Master
As i wait for Him
Wondering if He knows
i am the one
He seeks
Am i not to know
The joys of being a slave
With a Master

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Take Your Choice

What bondage materials do you prefer? There are so many options and each person has different taste.

Even though I am from south, I cannot stand duct tape. When it’s applied it is bad enough, but when it comes off somebody better duck and cover.

Then there is the old standby, which most people commonly associate with bondage; that is rope. There is a vast variety of types of rope from which to choose. With rope, the possibilities are endless. Some prefer their rope rough and scratchy, and others like smooth and silky. I prefer the latter.

For those who feel the need for more secure bondage, chains are the answer. The coldness, smoothness, and hardness of the chains can be as arousing as the bondage itself.

Which form of restraint helps you get your kink on?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ No Wimps or Jerks Need Apply

According to some sources, a soul mate is someone who shares one's interests and values and is agreeable and supportive. There's certainly nothing wrong with that.

As a creative spirit, I need someone who not only does not suppress or stifle my creativity, but who would never dream of doing so.

However, I believe for long term success in any relationship, I also need someone who will be honest, strong, mature, and secure enough to call me on my bullshit. Yes, you heard me right!

While I do not need some obnoxious jerk in my life, neither do I want some wimpy yes man. The secret, of course, lies not only in what a man says, but how he says it, when, where, and why.

A man who is not afraid to speak his mind, share his truth and himself with me, and risk my wrath is well worth my time and trouble. This is a man who cares and is intelligent enough to actually communicate.

His courage and honesty assures me that he is there for the duration and there because he wants to be with me. His caring enough to stand up to me also shows me that he has taken the time to know me, and to say what he feels he need to with the confidence that I will respect him for it. If he knows me well enough, we may both even laugh about it.

It also encourages me to open up and trust him more and to reveal and yield more of myself to him and to the relationship. 

Men who are too readily agreeable with everything I say and do are a red flag for me. Upon consideration, I have to wonder if they are truly listening and understanding me or just rushing to play nice for some ulterior motive. This is insulting, in that they think I am some dumb blonde who can be flattered into their beds or manipulated out of my hard earned money. Not likely Bubba!

Even worse are those who seem uber agreeable out of apparent apathy. They don't seem to care enough to question or call my bluff on anything. I call them zombie dates. They walk and talk, but have no apparent spirit or passion.

While I certainly don't want an argumentative and churlish brute that never sees or appreciates the good in me, neither do I desire some phony or tentative partner to share my life and love.

Politeness and courtesy are a part of me, but I walk on eggshells for no man. Neither do I want or expect a man to behave that way with me. 

Life is too short not to live honestly, sincerely, and with passion. 

Have I said that already? Well, it's still true!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ Living With Passion

A friend and I were talking about the Zen concept of "Going with the flow." It refers to relaxing and letting the energies and vibrations of life flow over, around and through you. It does not, as some would assume, or try to convince you, mean blind acceptance of everything that comes your way. 

A popular comedian is alleged to have said that he found he'd mellowed as he'd gotten older. He further stated that he'd also discovered he was angrier about some things. Injustices and stupidity were high on his list.

As bad as this might sound to some, one must consider that the dead have no emotion. When we fail to be moved by something—whether to anger, tears, laughter, or lust—then it is really time to worry. It is then that we must realize and admit that our spirits have been sublimated, denied, suppressed, or quenched for so long that they are no longer alive or able to react or respond. How sad!

Among my friends, I am known as one who lives with fervor. It is just me; it is who and what I am. This does not mean that I am loud or flashy/trashy, or rude. It does mean that I strive for honesty, openness, and freedom of my soul and spirit in all that I do. I am not a doormat or robot, but a living, breathing, sexy, opinionated, creative, strong, and intelligent woman. My hair may be blonde, but there is no dumb bimbo or second-class citizen here.

Although I was raised in the deep South, and respect and courtesy (good manners) are ingrained in me, it does not prevent me from responding in an assertive and polite manner to people determined to be insensitive and/or arrogant jerks. Being a lady does not mean I am easy prey or a victim.

Being a lady also does not mean that I am unmoved by the proper sensual seduction of a member of the opposite sex. Lady or not, I am all woman and proud of it.

Life is short, and I plan to live mine without regrets for what I didn't say or didn't do.

How about you?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Will You Catch Me?

My friend Sara BC ask a question that I also ask.

Will You Catch Me?
By Sara BC

When I stumble
Overcome with fear

When I am tired
Overwhelmed with burdens

When I have
No answers

When I have

And still failed
Will you catch
Me when I fall
Will you
Even know

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Sensual Seduction

Seduction is one of those words, which can evoke various images. For some, it has the connotation of someone being led astray and tempted to depart from duty, honor, and proper conduct.

For our purposes here, sensual seduction refers to interaction between two or more adults, and in no way implies anything illegal.

Sensual seduction is a pleasant and romantic interlude in which one or both partners’ attempts to entice the other to do something naughty or to feel fully the impact of sexual teasing and innuendo upon one's senses and one's body. 

It is a concept which can make the most morally upright (and uptight?) and virtuous squirm, smile, blush, as they feel the heat and glow of passion.

Sensual seduction is an art in literature, as well as life. What reader has not felt the building anticipation and arousal of an enigmatic smile, a come-hither look in the eyes, and skillful verbal innuendo that is more teasing and mysterious than an outright flirt?
As a quote by Jean Baudrillard states, "Seduction is more singular and sublime than sex."
I believe that says it all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day ~ Sex For Fossils

Sex For Fossils
By TC Worthington

Reading and editing erotic prose and poetry on a daily basis, it saddens, but does not really surprise me, that so little of it seems to apply to my generation.

Evidently we over sixty folk are assumed to be dried up old fossils for whom romance and sex are only fond but vague memories.

Brace yourselves. Such is not the case. Now, before you start going "Ewwwww!," let me remind you that you're not getting any younger either, and if you're lucky, you'll be in the over sixty crowd one day too. 

Stop rolling your eyes and hyperventilating! It's not that bad. Really.

Contrary to all the TV advertising, not all Seniors' lives revolve around dentures, diapers, and constipation. It's a fact.

Some of us still have smoldering embers of deire, which can burst into roaring flames with the right chemistry. Hey, I'm talking love connection here, not pharmaceuticals.
We might not be as agile as we once were, and this stage of life is generally not a good time to explore and experiment with the Kama Sutra unless one has a chiropractor on speed dial.

However, most of us are actually better in some ways than when we were younger. Sessions of all night passion give way to a more relaxed and plaful mode, which is no less pleasurable.

Both genders tend to be more patient, accepting, and honest and open regarding wants and needs. Both also tend to be more relaxed and creatively kinky without fears of pregnancy or little ones in the next room.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual elements which enhance physical intimacy are ripened, matured, and even better when one is on the home stretch. 

The brain or mind is the largest and most important sexual organ at any age. If it is still functional, the party is not over.

Don't believe me? Wait and see. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ No You Don't

In doing research for Trust Us, I had occasions to be on various BDSM sites. It amazes me how many strange men who message me and want to tie me up before getting to know me. One thing I have learned is safety first; no bondage on the first meeting. Most responsible people that I have met in the lifestyle adhere to the principles of safe, sane, and consensual practices.

Judging from the profile pictures of some that have message me, the sanity part is highly questionable. The fact that they also look like three-day-old roadkill is not helpful in receiving a reply from me. One wonders if their profile pictures are real or meant as a joke. Some are so frightening you would think that the person has escaped from a forensic psychiatric ward.

Why would they think for one nanosecond that I would even consider and consent to being tied up by them?

Before engaging in bondage, an astronomical amount of trust should be required. Remember, trust has to be earned! It should not be automatically given. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ The Connection by Elise Elliott

The Connection
by Elise Elliott

Although we don’t
Share location
Face to face
Or skin on skin
Our hearts are true
Our minds are strong
Our spirits are akin

Our souls reach out
And instantly
We feel
Each other’s touch
It’s more than
Simply physical
Some times
Almost too much

Our energy
Transcends bounds
Of distance
And circumstances
Passions loosed
So easily
We boldly
Take our chances

Fervently we pursue this
Sweet abandon and
What is fated
Relishing each second
Our hunger
Never sated

The beauty
Of this gift
Too precious
To waste on
Wondering how
Humbly thankful for it
We celebrate the now
The Connection can be found in Leaves From The Book Of My Life. It can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ The Wind

The Wind
By Heaven O’Shey

As you lay asleep
Your windows open
I come in the night
Seeking You
Scrutinizing the breaths, you breathe
Deep in your dreams
I brush over you
Enveloping you
As I caress
Every inch of you
You sigh
Reaching out to seize me
Empty are your hands
I cannot be held
For I am the wind
Still I desire your touch
Sadden I take my leave
And whisper
Until the moon rises again
My heart
The Wind can be found in A Sensual Thought available at all of Amazon's sites.  Amazon US

Friday, June 15, 2012

An Excerpt from Angel's Bayou by Heaven O'Shey

An excerpt from my upcoming paranormal/urban fantasy, Angel's Bayou, an LG Creed novel, coming later this summer.

About a half-hour later when he thought she was asleep, he crept into her room. She tried to listen to his movements and figure out what he was doing. She could hear him fidgeting with something; his steps got closer until he was next to the bed. His hand took her arm and laid it straight, and then she felt the prick of the needle in her vein. She was able to keep silent and still at the unexpected pinch, or she wouldn‘t be able to pull off the charade of being asleep. She chanced a peek, glancing through her eyelashes.
Unbelief flooded her mind at what she saw. He was drawing blood from her arm. Why? For what reason could he want her blood?
Knowing she was too weak from all the drugs he had been giving her, she did not even try to fight him. Continuing to act as if she was sleeping, she kept her breathing even.
When the vial was full, he removed the needle from her arm and crossed the room. She could hear him on the other side of the room. Sneaking another look, she saw him taking her car keys and ATM card from her purse. Next, he quietly left the room.
Although, his voice was muffled by the closed door, she could still hear him on talking on the phone. 
     “I’ve got more; I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” The sound of the front door opening and closing told her he had left immediately after the phone call.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day ~ My Boy by Domina Delectatio

The poem below is by an elusive female Dominant friend of a friend.
It extols her feelings for her younger submissive husband. 

My Boy
Domina Delectatio

Make no mistake
My boy is no

He is my
Chosen one
Submissive to
The core

He is as
Unique as
A snowflake or
A fingerprint

His heart
All freely given
All gifts I cherish

His love 
And energy
Brighten my day
Lighten my load
Make my heart sing

His welfare
His training
His discipline
His control
His reward
My awesome
My joy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ The Evil Princess a.k.a Female Frog

The Evil Princess a.k.a. Female Frog
by Heaven O'Shey

Once upon a time, an evil princess traveled the land telling all the princes a sad story. She told the same spiel to all the princes; she needed advice on how to cope with her pauper consort. Truth be known, she had no man. The evil princess wanted a life filled with riches and would do whatever necessary to obtain it, with no remorse if she hurt others in the process.
The evil princess approached all the princes in the land. Some fell under her trance of lies, and abandoned their true princesses. Some recognized her for what she was, and used her until they became tired of her. A few princes were intelligent and saw through the mask of deception the evil young princess wore.
News of the evil princess’ lies soon spread across the land. Her youth, charm, and looks no longer persuaded princes to look her way.
The evil princess wound up all alone, tied with the ropes of her own making, the bondage of her heartless duplicity holding her tight.

The End

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vampires in the House

We are all aware of vampires in movies and literature. Nothing like good ole Count Dracula, the Twilight series, or the short lived tv drama, Kindred, The Embraced to make our hearts race.
Those are not the critters I want to talk about today.
The ones mentioned above are easily recognizable (think fangs!), and easily dealt with according to the rules of folklore and tradition. 
What I am focusing on today are "Psychic Vampires." Put away the garlic. It won't help. 
These vampires are subtler, look normal, and feed off your energy just as surely and relentlessly as the fantasy ones do off blood.
These creatures can be male or female, can be charming and physically attractive, and may not even know they are psychic vampires. 
They are usually chronic complainers, refuse to take responsibility for their behavior or decisions, and need to be rescued a lot; they prefer being dependent as this allows them to blame someone else if everything does not go their way. 
They seem to firmly believe that they have more troubles than anyone else and will ask how can they possibly cope without your help and support?
They are like whiney children in adult bodies, with endless lists of excuses for everything.
A good friend of mine called her former spouse "an bottomless pit of wants and needs".
Life with these people is perpetual drama and manipulation, which can leave the rescuer drained, sapped, withered, and as lifeless in some ways as one of the fantasy vampire's victims. 
It is never ending confrontation, confusion, and conflict with the psychic vampire often honestly unaware of the havoc they wreak in others' lives and intensely resentful of any boundaries set. How dare you expect them to grow up!
You should just apologize for even suggesting such a their view. Indeed, life with such a person can mean daily or even hourly appeasement. 
What can you do to avoid these people or to deal with one of them, if you recognize them in the description here?
If you are in a committed relationship, especially of long duration, it is more difficult, of course. Professional counseling may be helpful, provided you can convince them to agree and to actually go. 
Setting definte boundaries and following through, in spite of resistance, can sometimes be helpful also. Assertiveness with such a person is not easy, but absolutely necessary.
The bottom line is how is their behavior impacting you and the family, and how willing and ready are you for that to change? That is something only you can decide. There are different degrees and manifestations of this behavior, and different levels of people's ability to tolerate it.
Unfortunately, for some of us, distance is the only option for survival. They will wail that they are being abandoned, but continuing to "help" them is not helping so much as enabling. 
Just as you would not hand liquor to an alcoholic or drugs to an addict, so some of us cannot continue to let this person feed off our energy and drain us. It is unhealthy for both parties and goes far past co-dependent. 
Granted, some well meaning and helping people seem to thrive on the chaos and conflict inherent in life with a vampire, but sooner or later, these relationships take their toll on even the hardiest rescuers and caretakers with the best of intentions.
This is in no way an example of professional or expert advice. It is just something I wanted to mention and call attention to after having experienced some of these energy vampires myself. 
There is extensive information out there and help is available if you or someone you know is dealing with this. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Knock! Knock! Who's There?

Have seen the knock Knock jokes? Wonder what the buzz is about?

Come on over to Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp and find out. Marketing for Romance Writers motto is seek, teach, learn, share, and succeed.

Find out what MFRW members have to say about this wonderful group, during the blog tour leading up to Summer Camp. Just follow the hash tags #mfrwSummerCamp and #KnockKnock to the blogs.

June 12th Diane Gerber w/a Autumn Jordan / Jenna Storm
June 16th Miriam Newman / Rebecca Rose
June 19th Dawn Roberto / Andre San Thomas
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June 28th Ann Siracusa / Rochelle Weber
July 2nd Marie Tuhart / Heaven O'Shey
July 10th Qwilla Rain / Cassandra Carr

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Have Hope

When life gets us down we must have hope.

Like the Flowers
by Shey

Morning starts a cold dreary day
Snow falling from gray skies
Wind howls and swirls
All around is gloom
Tiny prints in white
Animals taking refuge
Like hearts
On the horizon a ray appears
Crocuses peeking through frozen ground
As the sun disrupts
Sunnier and warmer
Snow begins melting
Like the flowers
Have hope
For a brighter day

Like the Flowers can be found in Murals of Lust

Murals of Lust is available in English, Spanish, and French, on all of Amazon's sites, and in English and Spanish on Barnes & Noble.

Amazon US    Barnes & Noble

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tie Me Tuesday ~ Justice by Shey

A poem by Shey.

by Shey
She is prone
Held by invisible chains
Her body bloodied from
Every strike hits its mark
Yet she does not move
She takes her punishment
For it is just
Yet not enough
Her attempt to atone
Slight in comparison
Her tears fall
Not for her pain
But for the pain she inflicted
Happiness she will not know
Nor deserves
Only brokenness
Will she know
And justly so

Justice can be found in Murals of Lust.

Murals of Lust is available at all of Amazon sites and in French and Spanish. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

As Your Destiny Slips Away

By Heaven O’Shey

During your life
You face many
When reflecting
Many roads traveled
Wonder how you are
Someone special appears
The reason
Life still breathes in you
It is destiny
Sunny and bight
One dark day
You stray
That special someone disappears
Your life changes
In a heartbeat
A cloud descends
As your destiny slips away