Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ Living With Passion

A friend and I were talking about the Zen concept of "Going with the flow." It refers to relaxing and letting the energies and vibrations of life flow over, around and through you. It does not, as some would assume, or try to convince you, mean blind acceptance of everything that comes your way. 

A popular comedian is alleged to have said that he found he'd mellowed as he'd gotten older. He further stated that he'd also discovered he was angrier about some things. Injustices and stupidity were high on his list.

As bad as this might sound to some, one must consider that the dead have no emotion. When we fail to be moved by something—whether to anger, tears, laughter, or lust—then it is really time to worry. It is then that we must realize and admit that our spirits have been sublimated, denied, suppressed, or quenched for so long that they are no longer alive or able to react or respond. How sad!

Among my friends, I am known as one who lives with fervor. It is just me; it is who and what I am. This does not mean that I am loud or flashy/trashy, or rude. It does mean that I strive for honesty, openness, and freedom of my soul and spirit in all that I do. I am not a doormat or robot, but a living, breathing, sexy, opinionated, creative, strong, and intelligent woman. My hair may be blonde, but there is no dumb bimbo or second-class citizen here.

Although I was raised in the deep South, and respect and courtesy (good manners) are ingrained in me, it does not prevent me from responding in an assertive and polite manner to people determined to be insensitive and/or arrogant jerks. Being a lady does not mean I am easy prey or a victim.

Being a lady also does not mean that I am unmoved by the proper sensual seduction of a member of the opposite sex. Lady or not, I am all woman and proud of it.

Life is short, and I plan to live mine without regrets for what I didn't say or didn't do.

How about you?

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