Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ The Evil Princess a.k.a Female Frog

The Evil Princess a.k.a. Female Frog
by Heaven O'Shey

Once upon a time, an evil princess traveled the land telling all the princes a sad story. She told the same spiel to all the princes; she needed advice on how to cope with her pauper consort. Truth be known, she had no man. The evil princess wanted a life filled with riches and would do whatever necessary to obtain it, with no remorse if she hurt others in the process.
The evil princess approached all the princes in the land. Some fell under her trance of lies, and abandoned their true princesses. Some recognized her for what she was, and used her until they became tired of her. A few princes were intelligent and saw through the mask of deception the evil young princess wore.
News of the evil princess’ lies soon spread across the land. Her youth, charm, and looks no longer persuaded princes to look her way.
The evil princess wound up all alone, tied with the ropes of her own making, the bondage of her heartless duplicity holding her tight.

The End

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