Friday, June 8, 2012

Knock! Knock! Who's There?

Have seen the knock Knock jokes? Wonder what the buzz is about?

Come on over to Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp and find out. Marketing for Romance Writers motto is seek, teach, learn, share, and succeed.

Find out what MFRW members have to say about this wonderful group, during the blog tour leading up to Summer Camp. Just follow the hash tags #mfrwSummerCamp and #KnockKnock to the blogs.

June 12th Diane Gerber w/a Autumn Jordan / Jenna Storm
June 16th Miriam Newman / Rebecca Rose
June 19th Dawn Roberto / Andre San Thomas
June 20th Chris Redding / Savannah Chase
June 21st Karen Mueller Bryson / Jackie Allen
June 25th Clayton Bye / Karen Cote'
June 27th Kayelle Allen
June 28th Ann Siracusa / Rochelle Weber
July 2nd Marie Tuhart / Heaven O'Shey
July 10th Qwilla Rain / Cassandra Carr

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