Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Sensual Seduction

Seduction is one of those words, which can evoke various images. For some, it has the connotation of someone being led astray and tempted to depart from duty, honor, and proper conduct.

For our purposes here, sensual seduction refers to interaction between two or more adults, and in no way implies anything illegal.

Sensual seduction is a pleasant and romantic interlude in which one or both partners’ attempts to entice the other to do something naughty or to feel fully the impact of sexual teasing and innuendo upon one's senses and one's body. 

It is a concept which can make the most morally upright (and uptight?) and virtuous squirm, smile, blush, as they feel the heat and glow of passion.

Sensual seduction is an art in literature, as well as life. What reader has not felt the building anticipation and arousal of an enigmatic smile, a come-hither look in the eyes, and skillful verbal innuendo that is more teasing and mysterious than an outright flirt?
As a quote by Jean Baudrillard states, "Seduction is more singular and sublime than sex."
I believe that says it all.

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