Monday, September 24, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Men Love Bitches

What is a bitch anyway? According to several online dictionaries, the consensus is that this slang term for an adult female refers to women who are spiteful, arrogant, overbearing, and obnoxious.

Wow! Why would anyone ever aspire to be a bitch? The answer is simple. A lot of men are not only attracted to and amused by these unpleasant creatures, they actually seem to dote on them. To other females (and some males) the very sound or sight of the word bitch elicits a shudder at the thought of encountering one of these she-monsters.

My most recent experiences have been with bitches who were trophy wives or girlfriends. Generally they were younger, beautiful, often surgically enhanced, and confident of their hold on the man they were with. These women are seen in vanilla and BDSM settings, and although they usually irritate the women around them, seem to fascinate at least some, if not all, of the men.

In talking with some of these men, it would seem they are not as passive and clueless as one might think. Some have admitted to me that women who are too polite and agreeable remind them of their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or Sunday School teachers.

In other words, too much sugar and spice in a relationship is just plain boring and is a turn off for a lot of men. Some will never admit it but will spend more time at work or with their hobbies. Others will seek out the company of loud and opinionated women who challenge and excite them. Even though they may not be able to tolerate daily doses of the extreme drama, these woman do seem to have an irresistible lure to men.

A good lesson for us less more polite females might be to let our inner bitch peek out every now and then. This should be done only briefly and in a playful and unpredictable fashion. Unlike some full-time bitches we don't want to overplay our hands and drive a man away, but rather keep him always coming back for more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tight Spaces: Double Dare Club by Kenra Daniels

Thanks for having me here today. As you know, I'm celebrating the release of my new Erotic Romance novella, "Tight Spaces: Double Dare Club #1". All the stories in the Double Dare Club series will be connected in some way to the Double Dare Night Club, a fairly large night club in a smallish town. One or both of the couple might work in the Double Dare, or they might just have a fender bender in the parking lot. Either way, the stories will all be scorching hot and end with a nice beginning for a relationship.

In addition to the Kick-Off Blog Tour, I'm holding a Giveaway to celebrate. On Oct 13, I'll announce the winners of 3 copies of the Kindle edition of "Tight Spaces", a $10 Amazon Gift Card, and I'm working on a couple of other prizes, but I don't have confirmation yet, so I can't announce them. To enter, stop by the Rafflecopter below, or visit my site.'
To whet your appetite for "Tight Spaces", I've included an excerpt below, or you can stop by my website for more info.

A lonely woman goes dancing with friends to kick the Bad Breakup Anniversary Blues. Her fantasy-man is willing to help, until her lowlife ex ambushes him.

With the first anniversary of the messy break up of a long-term relationship bearing down, Amy has the blues. When her friends suggest an evening at the Double Dare, she reluctantly agrees to go along. She doesn't do the casual sex thing, but it'll be good to spend time with her friends.
Seeing Jesse at the Double Dare immediately cheers her up. She's fantasized over him for months. The evening gets more pleasant as they heat up the dance floor. Things go from hot to sizzling, until her ex shows up and confronts Amy in a low blow. Will his interference deter Jesse and Amy from continuing what could be the start of something wonderful?

Excerpt: She joined several other club-goers in the line at the door and waited her turn to be admitted. The odor of mingled perfumes, colognes, BO, and cigarette smoke made her stomach roll a little before she became accustomed to it. The neon sign suspended on the wall several feet overhead flashed, eerily illuminating the faces of those waiting in bursts of red, green and blue. Macabre shadows danced around, at odds with the nearly tangible sense of eagerness emanating from most. Amy shook the images from her head before they could take root. A long-time fan of horror fiction and the paranormal, such idle fancies had a way of setting up housekeeping in her imagination, only to reappear later as nightmares.
Amy let her gaze wander over those ahead of her in the line, trying to assess their status. Some were easy to tell, couples leaning against one another, lost in their own secret world. A few lone males stood out, conspicuous in their rarity. Nearly everyone in the line had at least one companion.
A trio of barely legal guys stared at Amy, bold as brass, and talking in low voices with an occasional laugh thrown in. They didn't bother to keep their topic of discussion private, wondering aloud which of them Amy would choose to fuck first.
A young woman, svelte in a black mini dress, pin straight platinum blonde hair swinging about her ass, approached Amy from the side. "Watch out for those guys." She indicated the three young men with a nod of her head. "They won't take no for an answer, even if it means following a girl out of the parking lot at closing. And it looks like they've picked you for their target tonight." She moved away before Amy could ask any questions.
Amy decided to take the warning seriously. A smart woman didn't take that kind of chance. She deliberately avoided making eye contact when the one in the middle tried to smile at her.
The young man drew sullen brows down when she refused to play the game, to the delight of his companions. "Uptight bitch. Be seeing you."
The very real threat in his tone sent a chill down Amy's spine. As a precaution, she surreptitiously studied all three, memorizing their faces and clothing, intent on giving them wide berth. If she never saw them again, it would be too soon. Satisfied she could easily recognize the troublemakers, she turned her attention elsewhere.
A nice-looking guy, with definite potential, near the front of the line looked her over. Before she could return his smile, a leggy redhead in painted on jeans and a translucent top approached from the parking lot and joined him. Amy gave him a rueful grin and made a point of looking elsewhere.
Finally, the doors opened, and the line started to move. The doorman checked IDs, turning away one young couple with fakes. By the time Amy made it to the front of the line, the heavily muscled man had relaxed a little, and started flirting with some of the women in the line. When Amy's turn came, he gave her a nod while his blue gaze flicked up and down, taking in her appearance.
His smile broadened when his gaze arrived at her generous breasts. "That's an awfully nice dress for a dump like this, Sweetheart." His voice, rumbly and intimate, sent a charge directly to Amy's pussy.
She licked her lips before answering, causing heat to flare in his eyes. "It's my favorite, so I decided what the hell."
"If you get tired of the jerks inside, come on back out and keep me company a while. I know how to treat a lady." His voice promised a good time.
Feeling especially daring, Amy made of point of letting her skirt brush against his pant leg as she walked past. "I'll just bet you do." With a long look over her shoulder, she headed on through the heavy steel door.
God! Had she really done that? Embarrassment heated her cheeks. Never in her life had she behaved that way! Every male without sight would read her actions as coming from a bitch in heat. Hopefully those young jerks hadn't paid attention. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to resist paying her a visit.

Author bio:
Kenra Daniels lives in a tiny rural community in north eastern Kentucky with her very own Romance Novel Hero. In addition to Erotic Romance, Kenra writes Paranormal Romance, and has plans for Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and a few other things. She has a completely new paranormal being in development and will soon start those stories. With multiple other projects in the works, time and energy are her only limits.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Southern Girls II

A southern girl is a girl who knows full and well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. We pick our battles and fight with the heart of a pit-bull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Our mystique is that of a soft-spoken, mild-mannered southern belle who could direct an army, loves her momma and will always be daddy’s little girl.

If you’re in love with a southern girl, then raise your glass. If you’re not, then raise your standards.

Southern girls wear their flip flops like they are glass slippers.

The real me is a southern girl with her Levis on and an open heart. Wish I could save the world like I was super girl. The real me is to laugh all night lying in the grass just talking about love.

Hump Day ~ Erotic Humiliation by Dennis Najee

Dennis Najee is an accomplished author in the BDSM community.  His breakthrough publication, An Owned Life, was a best seller and a major hit with those interested in understanding the basics of BDSM.  As a noted teacher, his works explain the different aspects of this lifestyle while assisting people to grow in whatever ways possible.

In his new book Erotic Humiliation he clarifies the confusion associated with the subject.

Is humiliation abuse or is it something that is pleasure?  Is it healthy or is it detrimental?  I put this material together to answer these questions and help clear up some of the confusion that exists regarding this wonderful BDSM technique.  We are going to delve into the different aspects of this idea to determine what erotic humiliation truly is.

Erotic Humiliation can be purchased at Amazon. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Minding Your Manners

There is more to an M/s and D/s relationship than having hot and kinky sex. Most Masters and Doms require a sub to adhere to some type of protocol or rules. There are also different occasions of lifestyle activities that all have their own standards of behavior. Failure to abide by the accepted decorum can result in punishment.

This is something that should be discussed between Doms and subs, so that both know what is expected. It is up to the Dominant to set the standards, and ensure that they are followed. By the same token, it is the submissives's responsibility to ask for clarification of anything they do not understand. This does not mean they question the rules, but rather ask exactly how they are to behave or respond, so that they may avoid being disrespectful and disobedient.

For instance, not all Dominants like being addressed as Master or Sir. It is extremely important for a Dominant to convey the title or name they prefer. Submissives should be cautioned about calling all Dominants Master, Sir, Lord, or something similar.

Under no circumstances, should a Dominant be addressed as “dude, bubba, hey you,” or other similar terms which might be said in jest, but which show ignorance and disregard for their own roles and that of the Dominants with whom they interact. Submissives that do not take this seriously or do not comply with their Dom's wishes in this regard show a lack of respect and lack of commitment to the relationship.

Those who are owned and/or controlled by a Dominant should defer to that Domniant's wishes as to how to address others. Depending on the situation, a submissive who is single or unclaimed should ask the Dominant with whom they are interacting how they wish to be addressed.

Minding one’s manners can smooth the way for Dominants and submissives and can show the difference between those who take living the lifestyle seriously and those for whom it is merely a fantasy or a game.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ The South

The South where
Tea is sweet
Words are long
Roots are deep
Traditions are strong
It’s “howdy” and “hey y’all”
“Bless your heart”
With a Southern drawl
“Come set a spell”
“Kiss my grits”
“I reckon” and “hissie fits”
“Honey, Sugah, and Darlin”
That girl is “stubborn as a mule”
“Mama didn’t raise no fool”
“I do declare”
“Hush your mouth”
That’s what I love about the South

Monday, September 10, 2012

In Remembrance by Heaven O'Shey

In memoriam of all the innocents, whose lives were cut short by the cowardice of terrorism, lest we forget.

In Remembrance
By Heaven O’Shey

We bow our heads in
Prayers and remembrance
For the souls that perished
Innocent souls
Not of war
Presence cause their slaughter
By the cowardice of the few
With senseless violence
Afraid to use words
To be seen erroneous
In their ignorance they
Failed to see
Words are powerful
More vociferous than the sword
The innocent shall be remembered
The cowards forgotten
Whether in this world or the next
Justice will prevail for the souls lost

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ I Am Not That Bitch

Most mature men and Doms realize that people are individuals, and all have their own unique flaws and virtues. Unfortunately, some men are stuck in their past with memories of someone who has abused and betrayed their trust. They use these dark recollections as a basis for judging other women and as an excuse for refusal to make a real commitment.

By wallowing in the misery of their past, they hinder their own happiness as well as the one who is dependent on their love, acceptance, and sound judgment.

Having known some men of this nature, I can vouch for the frustration of giving your all to someone who still keeps you at an emotional arm’s length. That was my past, but it is not my present, and will not be my future. While I can sympathize and empathize with someone else’s pain, I will not take the blame for wrongs done to them by others. Being an intelligent, mature, kind, honest, and loyal submissive woman, I passionately give all of myself in a relationship. If a man or Dom cannot respect and appreciate me for who I am, then he does not deserve me. How can I give my trust to someone too bitter and cynical to trust me?

Sorry someone hurt you Bubba, but I am not that bitch. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ Adrift

By Heaven O’Shey

Thunderous skies
In the night
A lone dinghy rocks
In torrential waters
Clinging to the sides
Not to be swept away
Waves crash
His voice in the wind
Howl my name
Dawn brings
Searching for the coast
Pointing the bow
To my heart
Where I long for the
Of home

Adrift can be found in A Sensual Thought

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ~ Southern Girls

“Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon line and once you go southern may the good Lord help you - you never go back.” Kenny Chesnee

A true Southern Girl has big hair, a big closet, and a southern accent that will make you weak in the knees.

What makes Southern Women so hot and sexy? Southern Men.

When you hear a Southern Girl say, “Ahhh, hell no.” You better run.

Southern Girls don’t retreat. They reload.

Southern Girls may be steel magnolias, but if take a bite out of that flower you’ll lose some teeth.

"A Southern Girl puts daisies in a mason jar, monograms her towels, and is always blessin someone's little heart."

Southern Girls solves the world’s problems on their front porches.

Hump Day ~ Laughs

Elephant to Camel: "How come you have two huge balls on your back?"
Camel to Elephant: "This from the dude who has a giant penis on his face

When a famous actress was asked how she conveyed such spontaneous genuine emotion in her roles she replied. "When I need to cry in a scene, I think of my sex life. When the script calls for a laugh, I think of my sex life."

Young and horny trophy wife to her much older husband: "Let's go upstairs and make love."
Old man to young wife: "Pick one. I can't do both."

A farmer needed to purchase supplies in town and confessed his problem of getting things home to the man at the general store.
The farmer's purchases consisted of a bucket, an anvil, two chickens, and a goose. 
The shopkeeper smiled and said. "No problem. Put the anvil in the bucket and carry that in one hand. Put one chicken under each arm. Carry the goose with the other hand.
The farmer did this and all went well for quite a while. As he went on his way, an older lady approached him to ask directions. Since the address was the farm next to his, and he passed it on the way to his home, he told her to follow him. 
As he proceeded to take his usual short cut through the woods, the old lady said. "Wait! How do I know you won't take advantage of a poor lonely widow like me?"
He replied that his hands were full, so that was impossible.
The old lady then answered." Not if you put the goose down, put the bucket over him, put the anvil on top of the bucket, and let me hold the chickens."

Did you hear about the nudist couple who got a divorce? 
Seems they were seeing too much of each other.

Husband to wife: "Let's do 68 tonight."
Wife: "Ok, but what's that?"
Husband: "You do me, and I'll owe ya one."

I hope at least one of these brought a smile to your face today. 
We don't stop laughing when we get old.
We get old when we stop laughing.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Master Yourself

It has come to my attention that many men seem to feel that just because they want to boss or control someone, this makes them Dominant. When these same people find a submissive desperate and innocent enough to surrender their mind, heart, and body to them, these fellows are truly convinced they must indeed be Masters. Right? Ah, no, Bubba. Unfortunately, many have yet to Master themselves before seeking to rule someone else's life.

A submissive entrusts everything to a Dominant in the belief and hope that he will have her safety and best interest as a priority. She trusts that he will be mature and intelligent enough to make wise choices and decisions for them both as individuals and as a couple.

While one should not expect perfection from another, and misunderstandings and mistakes are inevitable, the submissive is in a very vulnerable position and has every right to expect humane treatment and conscientious attention to details of the relationship. Her physical and mental health is at stake.

When a Dominant has expended time and effort to Master himself physically, mentally, and emotionally, the formidable task of being responsible for another's life is much smoother, simpler, and stress free for both parties.

A Dominant who over indulges in or misuses food, alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, or one who embraces a sedentary lifestyle has not yet mastered himself physically. He is probably less likely to have the strength or stamina required for day to day life, much less the intensity of BDSM play. Such a Dom is simply not bringing his best self into the relationship.

Dominants who think they already know it all and have nothing to learn, especially from a submissive, are not only dangerously ignorant and over confident, but they deny themselves and their relationships the potential to grow and flourish. What intelligent and vibrant submissive wants a mentally stagnant dotard?

Demanding, arrogant, and overbearing Dominants who have no respect for a submissive's needs and limits, and who brag that they have hot tempers are walking, talking time bombs. These are men who are always quick to judge and to blame others for their own mistakes. They are like spoiled little boys who lack the tools to deal with their own emotions or care about another's emotional needs. D/s and M/s relationships require emotional maturity and stability from both parties to be safe and successful, especially in a long term sense.

A submissive has responsibilities within a relationship, but the Dominant is always the controlling partner. It can be an awesome challenge and adventure for the right man who has sought to master himself first.