Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hump Day ~ Erotic Humiliation by Dennis Najee

Dennis Najee is an accomplished author in the BDSM community.  His breakthrough publication, An Owned Life, was a best seller and a major hit with those interested in understanding the basics of BDSM.  As a noted teacher, his works explain the different aspects of this lifestyle while assisting people to grow in whatever ways possible.

In his new book Erotic Humiliation he clarifies the confusion associated with the subject.

Is humiliation abuse or is it something that is pleasure?  Is it healthy or is it detrimental?  I put this material together to answer these questions and help clear up some of the confusion that exists regarding this wonderful BDSM technique.  We are going to delve into the different aspects of this idea to determine what erotic humiliation truly is.

Erotic Humiliation can be purchased at Amazon. 

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