Sunday, September 9, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ I Am Not That Bitch

Most mature men and Doms realize that people are individuals, and all have their own unique flaws and virtues. Unfortunately, some men are stuck in their past with memories of someone who has abused and betrayed their trust. They use these dark recollections as a basis for judging other women and as an excuse for refusal to make a real commitment.

By wallowing in the misery of their past, they hinder their own happiness as well as the one who is dependent on their love, acceptance, and sound judgment.

Having known some men of this nature, I can vouch for the frustration of giving your all to someone who still keeps you at an emotional arm’s length. That was my past, but it is not my present, and will not be my future. While I can sympathize and empathize with someone else’s pain, I will not take the blame for wrongs done to them by others. Being an intelligent, mature, kind, honest, and loyal submissive woman, I passionately give all of myself in a relationship. If a man or Dom cannot respect and appreciate me for who I am, then he does not deserve me. How can I give my trust to someone too bitter and cynical to trust me?

Sorry someone hurt you Bubba, but I am not that bitch. 

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  1. Wow, Heaven! You shouldn't be so shy about writing what you really feel on a topic ;-) I must say this post did intrigue me enough to want to know exactly what this Bubba guy did for you to tear him a new one. Not that I disagree with anything you said, because you absolutely and positively correct. Every person deserves to be judged on their own merits, not on the actions or behavior of the person who came before them.