Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hump Day ~ What You Don’t Want to Hear in Bed

Things Women Don’t Want to Hear
Having him say another woman’s name in the heat of passion.
Did you cum yet?
Was it good for you?
What do you have in the fridge to snack on?
I bought a new toy; I think this is how it works.
What do you mean not that hole?
Honey, I was going to wait until we were done to take a shower.
The game starts in 10 minutes can we be finished by then?
You want to do it?
Are you ready yet?

Things Men Don’t Want to Hear
Is it in yet?
Are you done yet?
Is that all you have?
I’m not doing that.
You want me to do what?
My momma was right about you.
I have to go home and recharge my vibe.
I shaved my legs for this.
Stop poking me, I'm not ready yet.
Just hold still while I get these cuffs on you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Unleash Me

Unleash Me
by Shey

Who holds the key to
Unlocking my passion
The one whose words speak to my soul
Owns my mind and body
Knowing he is claiming a treasure
No other can compare
With his direction
He unleashes the woman inside
Releasing the bonds that hold me captive
Whilst holding me tight
As I proclaim
My Liege
Unleash me

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Responsibility

This is the first in the new Monday blog series. This series will cover different character traits of Man Up and Dom Up. This week’s trait is responsibility.

In Trust Us, Lance tells Clay and Blade, “Man up and Dom up.” Lance was telling them to quit acting like fools, and start behaving like the men and Doms they are.

Being a man and a Dom is more than being in control. It is taking responsibility for one who is dependent upon you. That means being there in mind, body, and spirit, in bad times as well as good. This involves taking the time to know another well enough to anticipate and fulfill their needs. It also means, being strong enough to make tough decisions and choices for someone else when it is their best interest, even when it is not in your own.

One that is accountable does not take on more than he handle. If he is not able to invest the time necessary for a relationship to be successful, he will not initiate one.

A real man or Dom accepts responsibility without hesitation, whining, or complaining. Being responsible is who and what he is, a man of honor who instills trust in those he cares for.

Soul Mate Sunday ~ Words That Speak To My Soul

As an author, words are a passion of mine. In my search for my soul mate, I have encountered some men who cannot grasp the power and energy of the English language. When messaging or speaking to me they tend to respond in one-liners or as if they were speaking to one of their beer buddies.

These men tend to use the same tired old pick-up lines to all they meet. What they fail to understand is that I am not one to fall for these, and they are a turn off to me. 

When looking for my soul mate, there has to be chemistry. Chemistry is more than outward appearances. There has to be genuine communication that comes from the heart.

When I find the one whose words speak to my soul, then I will know I have found my other half. My soul mate!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Romance Reviews gives Trust Us 4 Stars

Cozy Reader of The Romance Reviews says "I really enjoyed this read and can't wait to read the next book in this series."
Read the complete review at

Trust Us

Bri had no idea how much her life would change when she moves to the Love's Bayou plantation she inherited. After her best friend talks her into turning the place into a BDSM club, Bri decides to keep her identity as the owner hidden when she meets and hires her Master/Manager and his brother.

Threats to her life force her under their protection, in lieu of protective custody. Her abusive past causes her to distrust all men and believe love is a fairy tale. The brothers in their kind and loving efforts show Bri, that not all men are the same and love does exist.
While under their protection, Bri is introduced to the joys of a menage a trois, and experiences heights of ecstasy, the pleasure of pain, and genuine love and caring.

She finds her life evolving in ways she never imagined, as she tries to run from her feelings and those trying to harm her.

Trust Us can be purchased at all of Amazon's sites, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, and other sites. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ Waiting in the Rain

Waiting in the Rain
by Heaven O'Shey

She stands waiting
By the sea
For Him
The heavens unleashed
Torrential are the rains
And mixes with her tears
As thoughts torment her
She cast them away
She must not give up hope
He is safe
Her soul knows
Still peace eludes her
Her eyes search
In the distance
A figure approaches her
Her heart leaps
She runs to Him
Even now when
In His arms
Tears and rain continue to fall

Waiting in the Rain can be found in A Sensual Thought 

Amazon US 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day ~ Clueless Men

Men, do you know how clueless you really are, when it comes to women? Are you having trouble getting a second date? Are you having trouble getting laid?

The answers to these dilemmas and many more can be found What Do Women Really Want. Read it or do without. 

What Do Women Really Want can be found at Amazon US, also available at Barnes & Noble.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ When He Sees Me

When He Sees Me
By Heaven O'Shey

When he sees me
He sees
Who I am
Who I am supposed to be
He sees
My potential
When he looks at my heart 
He knows it is pure 
When he looks at my soul
He sees his

Day 2 of MFRW's Summer Camp

Sunday July 15, 2012  Sunday July 15, 2012
10:00 - 10:50  Open Forum - General Topics -- Kayelle Allen
11:00 - 11:50  Overcoming F.E.A.R.S. (Finish, Edit, Analyze Market, Research Pubs,
Submit) -- Tina Holland
12:00 - 12:50  Using the Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter for Promotion --
Rochelle Weber
1:00 - 1:50  Helping Your Publisher Promote Your Books -- Mary Caelsto (Jupiter
Gardens Press)
2:00 - 2:50  Niche Marketing -- Marcia James
3:00 - 3:50  Finding Your Audience -- R. Ann Siracusa
4:00 - 4:50  Preparing for Interviews -- Kayelle Allen
5:00 - 5:50  Role Playing Your Way to Good Scenes - Janet Elizabeth Jones
6:00 - 6:50  Blogging 101 - Coffee Beans and Love Scenes (CBLS) Promotions
7:00 - 7:50  Open Forum - Blog Tour Questions
8:00 - 8:50  Romancing your Audience -- Maryann Reid
9:00 - 9:30  Final Cyber Campfire - S'mores for Next Year
All workshops and Classes are  Classes are held held
on the Yahoo Group.

* *  * *** *  *  *  *** *  * * *

Sign up here / Attend here

Thursday, July 12, 2012

MFRW Your One Stop Source for Marketing

Marketing For Romance Writers is just that, a one stop source of information on marketing. Think I’m kidding? No, not at all. No, matter what genre you write or specific market you are targeting, you will find inspiration and solutions that will help you accomplish your goals.

Since joining MFRW, I have met some wonderful people and learned so much about marketing my titles. Not all the information I am able to use at this time, but I now have the knowledge if I have a need in the future.

MFRW’s motto: Seek, Teach, Learn, Share, Succeed. This is MFRW’s mission. MFRW’s membership consists of authors, editors, agents, publishers, and cover designers, all lending their expertise, with classes or just answering questions.

MFRW’s Summer Camp,on July 14 - 15, is two days of classes taught by members on various marketing topics. If you are looking for answers to a question or just want to learn a few tips and tricks, come join us at MFRW. It is free to join, and you will be amazed at what you will learn. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heaven O'Shey's Hump Day ~ Shey's New Adventure

Being an adventurous free spirit in my writings and life, friends often ask how I am able to live without inhibitions. Therefore, I decided I wanted to help teach women to free themselves and enjoy a walk on the wild side, at least in the bedroom. To accomplish this task, I joined Cloud 9 Parties.

In this capacity, I will lend my knowledge and expertise to groups of women when they get together for a night of fun and learning. Not only will I do this in person, but will also extend classes online though Skype.

Cloud 9 Parties offers a unique boutique style experience. Their product lines extend from spa, massage, lingerie and shapewear, nailfoils, heels, and even wigs. They are “Taking Romance To New Heights,” with intimacy enhancements such as: lotions and potions, lubricants, perfumes for men and women, and of course adult novelties. 
Whether you want to just add a little spice to your life or unleash your kinky side, Cloud 9 and I can help.

For more information on Cloud 9 products take a look at my site. You can also email me to set up a party or class with your friends.

Unleash Yourself!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Safety First

Safety First
by Heaven O'Shey

Bondage can be fun, but it can be dangerous if you do not follow safety guidelines.

Some important things to remember are:

Negotiations - Know your partner’s skills, their limitations, medical history, and that there is a level of trust between you. Make sure that a safeword or hand signal is agreed upon ahead of time.

Bondage Materials - Only use quality ropes, handcuffs, chains, tapes, or other restraints specifically made for bondage. Do not use the same rope with which you have roped the cow. Also, do not use silk ties, scarves, nylons or the plastic tie wraps, as these can tighten up, cut in the skin, or restrict circulation. This is especially true when used by inexperienced people.

Safety Equipment - Before starting any bondage activity, have on hand a safety kit, which is fully equipped for emergencies. This kit should contain blunt nose EMT bandage scissors, disposable gloves, sterile bandages and tape, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, antibiotic ointment, a portable defibrillator, and an epi-pen. These are just few suggestions. You can probably think of others things based on you and partner’s needs.
A phone should be nearby to call paramedics, if needed. If using a cell, make sure you have service in the area.

Safe Practices - If you have not taken a class in the art of bondage from a professional you should refrain from extreme forms of bondage. You must be diligent in checking your partner’s restraints to assure that their circulation is not impaired. This must be done a minimum of every few minutes. Never do bondage alone, always have back up in case of an emergency. Never mix alcohol or drugs when participating in any form of bondage.

NEVER EVER leave a person that is tied up alone, even for a minute.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Heaven O'Shey is at Marie Tuhart's

Today I am at Marie Tuhart’s blogging about Marketing for Romance Writers. So grab a glass of sweet Ice Tea, drop by, and see what is heating up at MFRW’s Summer Camp.