Sunday, July 29, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Responsibility

This is the first in the new Monday blog series. This series will cover different character traits of Man Up and Dom Up. This week’s trait is responsibility.

In Trust Us, Lance tells Clay and Blade, “Man up and Dom up.” Lance was telling them to quit acting like fools, and start behaving like the men and Doms they are.

Being a man and a Dom is more than being in control. It is taking responsibility for one who is dependent upon you. That means being there in mind, body, and spirit, in bad times as well as good. This involves taking the time to know another well enough to anticipate and fulfill their needs. It also means, being strong enough to make tough decisions and choices for someone else when it is their best interest, even when it is not in your own.

One that is accountable does not take on more than he handle. If he is not able to invest the time necessary for a relationship to be successful, he will not initiate one.

A real man or Dom accepts responsibility without hesitation, whining, or complaining. Being responsible is who and what he is, a man of honor who instills trust in those he cares for.


  1. I've always been fascinated by the responsibility aspect of a Dom's role, on personal, reader and author levels. I can't wait for next Monday's installment (I was sad that I couldn't check your archives to read more.)

  2. Thanks! I have plenty of posts planned for Man Up and Dom Up Mondays. To read all of my blog, just go to