Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day ~ Sex For Fossils

Sex For Fossils
By TC Worthington

Reading and editing erotic prose and poetry on a daily basis, it saddens, but does not really surprise me, that so little of it seems to apply to my generation.

Evidently we over sixty folk are assumed to be dried up old fossils for whom romance and sex are only fond but vague memories.

Brace yourselves. Such is not the case. Now, before you start going "Ewwwww!," let me remind you that you're not getting any younger either, and if you're lucky, you'll be in the over sixty crowd one day too. 

Stop rolling your eyes and hyperventilating! It's not that bad. Really.

Contrary to all the TV advertising, not all Seniors' lives revolve around dentures, diapers, and constipation. It's a fact.

Some of us still have smoldering embers of deire, which can burst into roaring flames with the right chemistry. Hey, I'm talking love connection here, not pharmaceuticals.
We might not be as agile as we once were, and this stage of life is generally not a good time to explore and experiment with the Kama Sutra unless one has a chiropractor on speed dial.

However, most of us are actually better in some ways than when we were younger. Sessions of all night passion give way to a more relaxed and plaful mode, which is no less pleasurable.

Both genders tend to be more patient, accepting, and honest and open regarding wants and needs. Both also tend to be more relaxed and creatively kinky without fears of pregnancy or little ones in the next room.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual elements which enhance physical intimacy are ripened, matured, and even better when one is on the home stretch. 

The brain or mind is the largest and most important sexual organ at any age. If it is still functional, the party is not over.

Don't believe me? Wait and see. 

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