Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ The Connection by Elise Elliott

The Connection
by Elise Elliott

Although we don’t
Share location
Face to face
Or skin on skin
Our hearts are true
Our minds are strong
Our spirits are akin

Our souls reach out
And instantly
We feel
Each other’s touch
It’s more than
Simply physical
Some times
Almost too much

Our energy
Transcends bounds
Of distance
And circumstances
Passions loosed
So easily
We boldly
Take our chances

Fervently we pursue this
Sweet abandon and
What is fated
Relishing each second
Our hunger
Never sated

The beauty
Of this gift
Too precious
To waste on
Wondering how
Humbly thankful for it
We celebrate the now
The Connection can be found in Leaves From The Book Of My Life. It can be found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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