Friday, June 15, 2012

An Excerpt from Angel's Bayou by Heaven O'Shey

An excerpt from my upcoming paranormal/urban fantasy, Angel's Bayou, an LG Creed novel, coming later this summer.

About a half-hour later when he thought she was asleep, he crept into her room. She tried to listen to his movements and figure out what he was doing. She could hear him fidgeting with something; his steps got closer until he was next to the bed. His hand took her arm and laid it straight, and then she felt the prick of the needle in her vein. She was able to keep silent and still at the unexpected pinch, or she wouldn‘t be able to pull off the charade of being asleep. She chanced a peek, glancing through her eyelashes.
Unbelief flooded her mind at what she saw. He was drawing blood from her arm. Why? For what reason could he want her blood?
Knowing she was too weak from all the drugs he had been giving her, she did not even try to fight him. Continuing to act as if she was sleeping, she kept her breathing even.
When the vial was full, he removed the needle from her arm and crossed the room. She could hear him on the other side of the room. Sneaking another look, she saw him taking her car keys and ATM card from her purse. Next, he quietly left the room.
Although, his voice was muffled by the closed door, she could still hear him on talking on the phone. 
     “I’ve got more; I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” The sound of the front door opening and closing told her he had left immediately after the phone call.

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