Saturday, May 5, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ All the Frogs I’ve Known Before

A friend and I are doing our soul mate search at the same time, hoping to find ours. The other day we were discussing all the frogs we have met in the past and the nicknames we have given them to make us laugh and keep us from crying.

So travel with us down memory lane as we recount the traits of our frogs, which might remind you of yours. 

The first house on the left next to the lake belongs to Majesty. Majesty is educated and functions well in the business world. Socially, he seeks out younger women who are generally unsuccessful in life and careers. He calls himself a rescuer, but in actuality, he is an enabler and encourages the dependence of these women upon him.

Around the bend to the right of the lane is the home of Precious. He is an arrogant and somewhat kinky fellow. Precious also likes to bark out orders on a date and doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone works for him.

Turning more towards the right we come to Big Gun’s house. Big Gun, while intelligent and well-mannered can disappear from a woman’s life without a trace.

Crossing the bridge, we turn left onto a road leading to Lucky Charm’s house. Here lives another smart man who talks a good game, yet has no follow through. 

Following the lake to the right, we come across Bunny Fu Fu’s home. This is a creative man who enjoys being cryptic and ambiguous. 

Although men are all different, these frogs have certain things in common. They are all insecure, easily threatened by strong intelligent independent women, unable to tell the truth, incapable of admitting their faults, and most importantly cannot commit.

We are not men haters. Otherwise, we would be content to live alone rather than seeking our soul mates.

My sister, Shey’s  advice to men is summed up best in Winter of Life.

Winter of Life

By Shey

As hair turns gray 
Just as the leaves of the trees, turn red
Skin is not as supple as it once was
Like forgotten fruit
Sitting in a chair 
Reflecting on life
Tales recounted 
Like howls of the wind
All the times had
Happy and sad
Living in the moment
Reckless and abandonment 
Love could wait until the morrow
Now in the winter of life
Looking at the empty chair across the room
No one is sitting in it

Winter of Life can be found in Murals of Lust.

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