Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Where's the Rope?

This week's Tie Me Up Tuesday is written by Sara BC.

After undressing me, you place me on my back on the bed. Leaning over me, you grasp my hands in yours and kiss my palms. As you stretch my arms over my head, you command, with a seductive growl. "Close your eyes, sara. Grip the headboard. Don't let go and don't move."

My body trembles as it awaits being bound. I've known this test was coming, and yet my trust overrides my fears.

Your hands gently and firmly part my thighs as your fingertips move slowly up and down them. Separating my legs further, you position my feet at opposite ends of the foot board.

Again, you lean close to my ear and remind me not to resist and not to move. Still, I breathe deeply, awaiting the ropes and trying to calm myself.

When you tease and tantalize me further with your tongue and fingertips, a moan cannot help but escape my quivering lips. My body on fire, as I struggle to remain still, I blurt out a gasping plea. "Master, please may I..."

The harshness of your voice startles me. "Not yet!"

Then more gently you add. "Wait my pet."

My breathing becomes more rapid. 

The hot, tender, throbbing clitoris you flick over and over sends lightning bolts through me as fluid drips from my folds and I tighten my grip on the headboard.

"Please Master" comes out in a whine, and I realize my absolute desperation.

Once more you deny me, as you continue to probe, lick, suck, kiss, pull, flick, and squeeze.

My breathing becomes more ragged now, I feel my hips wanting to squirm and my back almost involuntarily arching. Tears well up, and one streams down my cheek, as I sniffle and try to stifle a sob. After all this time, it seems I am going to fail you.

You cease your ministrations, lean closer, and softly say, " Come now sara"

My senses explode in the curiously painful yet sweet release. Hearing a scream, I realize it is me, and yet I am unable to stop. The intensity of spasms rock me and wring me out, while I ride wave after wave of ecstasy.

When the throbbing and muscle spasms wane, I feel my body collapsing back onto the bed. It is drained and sated, still tingling and twitching with after shocks. My screams have turned to halting whimpers and mewling sounds.

You move my arms to my sides, then enfold me in your embrace telling me what a good girl I am and how proud of me and pleased with me you are.

Stroking and caressing my cheek, you add, "Your surrender and obedience are so complete, my pet, that they bind you to me more securely than any rope or chain ever could. Such devices are superfluous with a woman like you. I am so glad you're mine."

You are right, of course. I am yours, and I know now that I am bound to you forever by my submission and my love. 

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