Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hump Day ~ Going Deeper

Hump Day is a term, which usually describes the middle of the Monday through Friday workweek, hence getting over the hump.

However, it has taken on a more risqué and naughty meaning related to sex.

Terms such as humping, doing the horizontal tango, getting freaky, bumpin and grindin, hittin that, and other ones I won’t mention, are now seen and heard frequently. They are used to describe what used to be considered a special and intimate time. Now, it seems that true intimacy and connection between couples has been abandoned in favor of frantic and temporary groping and coupling.

True sensuality takes time, thought, and feeling from the heart and soul. It is not merely a matter of random and instant gratification. Reaching a level of genuine intimacy and sensuality entails going deeper.

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  1. I think the words has lost a little bit of meaning with time. It is so commonly used now.