Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday ~ What is a Soul Mate?

Each has their own definition of a soul mate, depending on their needs and wants. 

To me a soul mate is just what the words imply. A soul mate means finding the one who is the other half of my soul, one that completes me. That does not mean I am incomplete without one. No! Not at all. It’s simply means the one who unleashes my passion, brings out the very best in me, and who is not afraid to let me be me.

My soul mate is one who understands me, is supportive of my work, and knows the love and respect given to me is returned to him.

Where I come from, a soul mate is someone you'd take a bullet for.

What does the term soul mate mean to you?

My Heart
By Heaven O'Shey

My heart is precious 
Filled with compassion
With generosity
With love 
While it has been
Know that 
It becomes
Yet guarded 
My heart awaits
For its mate
The one who is appreciative
Of all it has to give
Who will cherish it 
For my heart is more valuable than gold

My Heart can be found in A Sensual Thought available at Amazon 

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