Sunday, May 20, 2012

Join the Worldwide Party ~ Indies Unite for Joshua

Indies Unite For Joshua is a campaign to raise money for a young man with leukemia. That young man is my son. Joshua is twenty-one years old and undergoing chemotherapy for Acute T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. But he could be anyone's son, with any type of cancer. The Indie community came together in support of a young man in need simply because there was a need -- and compassion demanded action. Many gave their time, talent, and resources for a complete stranger. That is who they are. 

The online community is much the same as people pressing into a strange new frontier. There exists a deep bond and willingness to support each other not common in our modern world, yet essential to generations past. And even more than the camaraderie of the internet community, the Indie community – breaking new ground in how art and free expression is presented to the mass audience – stand together in common support. They are what is best about humanity: freedom, innovation, fearless exploration, and selfless devotion to each other.

May 25th on we will celebrate that spirit of common weal with a worldwide party for Indies Unite For Joshua. Many of the authors, artists, and publishers who donated books and services will be there, some live on camera. So come by and meet the best and brightest of the Indie community. You can chat with your favorite author, meet new and old friends, ask questions of those on camera, and perhaps join them in the spotlight.

If you haven't joined this amazing group of people yet, come by Indies Unite For Joshua on and make a donation. No amount is too small and for as little as $10 you get two eBooks – one of mine and one of your choice (everyone who donates any amount gets a free copy of one of my books) If you can't make a monetary donation you can offer a word of encouragement, share the link to your social networks, or join #IndiesUnite4Joshua on twitter. The campaign ends May 30th. Don't miss your opportunity to meet some of the best folks on the net.



Maxwell Cynn is a novelist, freelance writer, amateur coder, webmaster, and Indie publisher. His twenty-one year old son Joshua was diagnosed with leukemia in January, and since that day all of Max's time and royalties have gone to Joshua's care. He continues to stay active on the internet through twitter and his blog. Connect with Max on twitter @MaxwellCynn and visit Indies Unite For Joshua on to offer support and/or encouragement to a young man fighting leukemia.

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