Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soul Mate Sunday

Over the past weeks, I have been posting articles that I have written inspired by men who are frogs.

After spending another birthday with my girl pals, I have started my soul mate search in earnest.

I made a detailed list of what I want in a soul mate, so the universe will know exactly what I am looking for.

For those who want to find your soul mate, start by making a list of traits of your perfect partner. The list must be very specific not omitting any details.

Cast your vote in the soul mate poll on the right.

Do You Know Me

by Heaven O'Shey

What makes me
Do You know
My caress
My kiss
Do You know
My heart
How I love
What I have to offer
My body
My life
My heart
My soul
Do You know
Do You Know Me and other heartfelt poems can be found in 
A Sensual Thought

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