Monday, April 16, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday

This is the first installment of Tie Me Up Tuesday. Today’s post is from Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey. 

Shey, my naughty twin, writes intensely evocative prose and poetry. Her work is frequently romantic, erotic, and often BDSM related as well. 

With her permission, one of her most popular and powerful poems is featured today.

by Shey

I lay naked and alone on the beach
Upon the towel, another acts as my pillow
My ankles are bound to stakes
Along with one wrist and the bicep of my other arm
My head bound I can only see ahead
The umbrella protects my skin from the scorching sun
Another hour the tide will be rolling in
I can’t break my bounds
Anger invades
He left me here alone
He said, “Think, little one.”
“Think about what?” I called out, but He was gone.
My throat parched, my unbound hand grabs the water filled tumbler 
Just enough ease in the bind, my arm bends the straw reaches my lips
The pull of the water slides down my throat
Time passes as I think
The foam tickles the soles of my feet
Seeing the tide move in
I struggle to break free
I see the sun along the horizon 
I think
Never was I endangered
I was protected from the things that could harm me
My needs were provided 
“Trust,” I called out. “I must trust You.”
Footsteps coming closer
He never left me
He’s at my feet loosening my binds
I’m freed
He’s rubbing my legs
“Yes little one, you must trust Me.”

Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey

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Also available at ARe, Kobo, Sony, ibookstore, Diesel, and Baker-Taylor. 


  1. Ohh this is good, and I really like it.

    1. I'll pass your comment to her, she's vacationing and researching.