Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day Snippets 6 ~ Double the Fun!

This week's hump day snippet comes from Sara B. Sara B. is a new writer of erotic romance, and this is her first tentative venture into the realm of menage.

Double the Fun!

Feeling wrapped and trapped in my sheets, I struggled to move as I tried to make myself wake up.

Opening my eyes, I was startled to find myself gazing into the eyes of Brock, the pool boy. His hot, insistent body pressed closer, and his huge hands grasped both my breasts and tweaked the already turgid nipples with his thumbs.

His lips moved swiftly to capture my moaning yelp, as his legs deftly and gently moved and spread my legs. Moving his hips, he made his bouncing hardness go between my spread legs. The rigid phallus moved up and down my slit, impatiently teasing, as if it had a mind of its own.

My hips squirmed under his touch, and then I shuddered and panicked as I realized another set of hands was spreading my ass cheeks, and another hot, throbbing cock moved between my parted cheeks.

Hot breath behind me and sharp quick bites on my neck made me struggle and push against both bodies until a soft, deep voice whispered in my ear, "Relax and enjoy. We are here to service and please you, and would never hurt you." Recognizing the voice of my gardener, Slade, I not only relaxed, but surrendered to the sensual caresses and kisses of the two hottest men I'd ever known.

As they sensed my submission, Brock moved a hand from a breast to my clit, massaging it urgently with his thumb, while other fingers parted my swollen lips for his dripping cock.
Meanwhile, Slade slid his throbbing shaft up and down my butt crack as his pre-cum moistened thumb gently massaged and pressed my anus. With his other hand, he reached around me and cupped, squeezed, and kneaded the breast abandoned by Brock.

My scortching juices gushed forth and my pussy clenched and released in thunderous spasms.

The sounds of my gasping screams were drowned out by the harsh and discordant clanging and ringing of my alarm clock. What? How? 

Panting, flushed, and spent, I realized my night of ecstasy had been but a dream. Damn!


  1. That is sexy....What a way to start Hump Day...

  2. Thanks! Coming from you, that is really encouraging.