Monday, April 9, 2012

Broadway Getaway

When Lance learned that the Broadway musical, The Lion King, would be at The Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans, he knew that this would be the perfect weekend getaway for him and Callie. Their honeymoon plans had been postponed by the crisis of Bri’s attempted abduction, and Lance felt it was now time to do something special for Callie away from Love’s Bayou.
After receiving the blessing of all the other Masters, Lance and Callie traveled to the Crescent City, they checked into their hotel, had an early supper, and departed for the theater.
From the time the curtain went up until the final curtain, Callie was mesmerized. The lavish costumes, scenery, and magnificent voices of the actors was breathtaking. Callie and Lance happily joined the rest of the audience in a standing ovation for the cast.

Read more about Callie and Lance in Trust Us, Love's Bayou Book 1. 

A woman running from her past and the two Masters protecting her, even at the risk of losing her.

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