Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have You Found Yours?

Recently I read an article about a woman finding her soul mate and they are still blissfully together after ten years. It occurred to me that I have never found mine, just a bunch of frogs.

After mentioning this to a friend of mine, she had admitted she had never found hers either. While talking about this further, we both wondered how many people actually have found their soul mate.

Please take time to read and respond to the poll on the right. 

And on that note...


By Heaven O'Shey

In a dark and smoky room
The back corner
She sits
Night after night
They approach her
Attempting to impress
She offers a halfhearted smile
Refuses politely 
And questions
If such a one exists
A mate to her 
Heart and soul
Her hope wavers
Yet she will wait
For a time
Until hope is loss

Hope and many other heartfelt poems can be found in 
A Sensual Thought.


  1. Awww Heaven. Lovely question and interesting poll to follow up with. I have found my soul-mate and I thank God every day for him. I know you'll find yours too...

    1. I am so happy you have found yours! A soul mate is a rare treasure.

  2. I have not found my soul mate yet and I'm still looking..

    1. You are such a lovely person, I have faith you will find yours.

  3. I am lucky I have spent nearly half my life with mine. I'm sure yours is out there somewhere. Have some fun while you are looking


    1. Aww Hollie, that's so beautiful, thanks for sharing.