Friday, April 27, 2012

Friend Friday ~ Murals of Lust

Featured this week is one of my favorite poems from Raavee. It's in Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey.

Good Morning
by Raavee

My journey had some rain
The wind too came to Me
Whispering in My ears
What are you looking at?
It said, the sky?
The bay?
I closed My eyes and smiled,
"It is what you don't see" I said.
The woman on bed,
Writhing and restless
Even in deep sleep
As she dreams of Me
Holding her in My arms
And kissing her naked back.
Trying to wake her up
For some amorous moments
In torrid unison and breathlessness.
Just to Good Morning oh woman!

Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey

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