Sunday, August 12, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Mistakes

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Mistakes
by Heaven O'Shey

The pressure of being responsible for another’s safety, well-being, and even life, as well as living up to the expectations of others, can be highly stressful. Being only human, Doms can succumb to the stress and make mistakes just as any human might do under such circumstances.

The temptation to ignore or deny these mistakes is one of pride and ego, and Doms must strive to overcome this strong impulse.

Admission of being human and capable of faults or mistakes is not an indication of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of strength. Unacknowledged mistakes cannot be properly dealt with or successfully corrected.

The mature and experienced Dom realizes that the importance of honesty and correcting mistakes is as crucial in personal matters as it is in professional ones. He does not seek to blame others for his mistakes, and even assumes responsibility for their errors when he is in charge and in control. He considers this to be part of his role as the dominant partner in a couple. The Dom seeks to adjust his explanations, guidance, and direction rather than assigning blame and punishment.

When the Dom chooses to “Man Up and Dom Up” he gains the respect and admiration of his submissive. 

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  1. Trust and honesty are paramount in a D/s relationship. The Dom has to be honest with himself and his sub, and that means admitting and correcting his mistakes. Good post, Heaven.