Monday, August 20, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Bri's Punishment

This week's Tie Me Up Tuesday is an excerpt from Trust Us.

Heaven O'Shey's Trust Us can be purchased at Amazon

Spotting her on the same gravel road where she was attacked on a few days ago, they hurried their pace and reached her in a matter of minutes, before anything could happen to her.
Clay came up behind her, grabbed her, and tossed her over his back. She pounded her fist on his back, kicking his thighs with her feet. He smacked her a couple of times on her bare bottom, the scraps of her skirt having separated, falling on either side of her hips, giving him access.
“Stop hitting me and put me down. I’m not a child!” She yelled.
“You’re acting like one. Every time something doesn’t go right or you get scared, you run. Darlin’ you earned yourself a punishment, and Blade and I are going to give it to you.”
“You can’t do that to me.”
“The law says we can.” This time Blade’s Dom voice spoke.
Returning to the club through the same door they had gone out, Clay stalked over to a station with a chain hanging from the ceiling and two bolted to the floor. Blade went to the other side of the club to his personal locker. Grabbing wrist and ankle cuffs, on his way to rejoin Clay, he asked the Masters to accompany him.
Setting Bri on her feet, Clay said “Strip.”
“What? You’re crazy if you think I’m going to take what little clothes I have off.” Defiance laced her voice.
“Either you do, or I’ll do it for you. If I do it they won’t be fit to wear, and you’ll be naked for the rest of the night.” Clay’s voice let her know that now was not the time to push him.
Tears stung her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. Obeying, she slowly took off her top and skirt.
“The thong also.” He said.
She complied, unwillingly.
Blade had the Masters stand back away from the station. He and Clay wanted her to know that none of them thought she was a burden. Neither did they blame her for the criminal’s behavior encroaching on their playtime.
Presenting wrist cuffs to Clay, Blade knelt down and attached the ankle cuffs then a spreader bar securing them to the floor chains. Clay fastened her wrist cuffs to the overhead chain checking her circulation.
Blade and Clay stood in front so she could see them.
“Do you know why you are strung up?” Watching her closely Blade asked.
“You have predilections for naked women.” She anathematized.
“True, I like having my subs naked. However, you accepted our protection and gave your submission to us freely. That edict is our responsibility to keep you safe and do whatever we want or see fit to ensure your safety.” Clay kept his voice controlled, as he stepped closer and took her chin angling it to face him. He really wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her. She had deliberately put herself in danger, and willful disobedience is a punishable offense.