Sunday, August 5, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Expectations

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Expectations
by Heaven O’Shey

A real Dom will not tailor his performance and behavior to meet expectations of society, the lifestyle, or his partner. Rather, he will strive to exceed all expectations as he continues to learn and grow.

By the same token, he will not simply state his expectation to his submissive, but will patiently lead, teach, and guide her until she surpasses his expectations in her own growth and evolution.

His consistency, firmness, and calmness provide the secure and structured environment necessary for her to flourish.

In such a safe and loving atmosphere, even the most timid and insecure sub will come out of her shell and will be all that she can be. Also, a more headstrong and challenging sub can settle down and behave when she clearly knows what is expected and what will and will not be tolerated.

In vanilla life or BDSM, one must strive to assure expectations are realistic and are always clearly communicated to one’s partner.

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