Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sensual Saturday ~ I Want You

This week's Sensual Saturday comes from Shey and Raavee's book Murals of Lust.

I Want You
by Raavee

Somehow, I need to feel you
Need to see you
Need to smell you
I need to feel your body
Need to feel your hope
Your dreams
I need to know everything about you
And all that's in between
I want to understand you
And understand what you feel
I want to get close to you
And give you My warmth
I want you to have mine
And I want to have yours
Take you to the horizon
And lay down on Me
In everlasting unison 

I Want You can be found in Murals of Lust.
Available in French, Spanish, and English, and can be found at all of Amazon's sites.

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