Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man Up and Dom Up ~ Goldie and the Three Doms

Goldie and the Three Doms
by Heaven O'Shey

Goldie, a mature slave, was confused on some Doms’ actions towards slaves of her age. She decided to get the opinions of three different Doms, the young hard body, the older disenchanted, and the rare intelligent Dom.

After interviewing all three, this is what Goldie concluded:

While the young hard body did want an older slave and had a few things to offer, he knew that a mature slave could help him gain insight and grow as a Dom. In addition, this Dom knew most mature slaves were already trained to please. A problem for Goldie, is that she would be more or less training this younger Dom. To Goldie, it seemed this Dom would be more suited with someone his own age as they could grow and learn together. The one thing that most young Doms have to offer to any slave is hot monkey sex at the drop of a hat without having to wait on the little blue pill to take effect.

The disenchanted Dom, on the other hand, wanted a young trophy slave to show off and boost his ego and pride. With a younger, naïve, and gullible slave, he could feed her a line of BS and she would not know the difference. In addition, he may not have the confidence or skills to handle a strong, mature woman who has lived her life working, making decisions, and knows the meaning of responsibility and submission. What this Dom fails to realize that one day the young slave will grow and mature and learn that this life is not a bed of roses and become disenchanted. She will no longer want to take care of an older Dom with whom she has nothing in common, especially as his health and finances begin to decline.

Now the last Dom, the intelligent one, knows the score. He knows the value of what the mature slave offers compared to the young ones who are clueless to this life and life in general. This Dom wants a slave who knows what it’s like to live in the real world and knows the meaning of submission, service, and obedience. This is a Dom who will not only use her, but will cherish her and all that she has to offer.

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