Monday, August 27, 2012

Tie Me Up Tuesday ~ Tie Everything Down

Living along the coast in the US during the months from June until November residents are ever watchful of the storms brewing in the waters.

As the hurricane watches and warnings are announced, the Gulf Coast prepares for the arrival of Isaac. Although areas might not be in the direct path of a hurricane, the effects are often far reaching. The eastern side of the storm is usually the worst as the rainbands and winds wrap around the center, causing severe thunderstorms, tornados, and flooding.

If one is in the direct path of a hurricane (depending on its strength), they should seek shelter or evacuate.

When preparing for a hurricane, one must have enough supplies to last three to four days in case of power outages. Supplies should include nonperishable foods, water for drinking, sponge baths, and for flushing toilets. One should also have batteries, portable radio, flashlights, medicines, and first aid kits.

Preparations should also be made for your property and pets. Secure garbage cans, potted plants, lawn equipment, and anything that can become airborne in strong winds.

For all those in the vicinity of Isaac’s path, Godspeed.

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