Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Snippets

Liven up your Wednesday’s with Hump Day Snippets. You guessed it, the snippets are sex scenes from my published titles or works in progress. Come back every week and get your juices flowing.

Fucking her with his tongue, he felt her hips rising against his mouth. He didn’t tell her to keep still; this was an expedition to learn how she responded. However, her wanton body was playing hell with his control, and he had to rein it in fast so that he wouldn’t lose it in his jeans. 
He never had problems controlling his lust before Bri.

Today’s snippet is from Trust US, the first in the Love's Bayou series. It has MFM, suspense, romance, a little light BDSM, and heavy on the erotic. Don’t let the cover fool you, Trust Us has an intriguing plot and hot sex.

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