Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Six ~ Trust Us

Although I am not part of the Six Sentence Sunday, here are six from Trust Us. 

Trust Us is the first in the Love's Bayou series. It has MFM, suspense, romance, a little light BDSM, and heavy on the erotic. Don’t let the cover fool you, Trust Us has an intriguing plot and hot sex.

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   Next her assailant’s hand grabbed the tie of her top, at her nape, jerking her to her feet. Before she knew it, his fingers were poking painfully into her bicep. Cold steel touched her side, as trepidation set in, and Bri thought, “Oh God. I’m going to die!”
   Twisting her head around to see her assailant, she couldn’t tell who he was, with the ski mask covering his face. He didn’t speak a word. As she struggled to pull away, his grip tightened and the steel of the barrel pressed into her side, painfully reminding her who was in control.
   Towing his captive toward the copse of trees, he wanted his prize secluded from prying eyes.