Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Snippets ~ 2

This week’s snippet comes from Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey. 

Shey is my naughty twin, she has given me permission to post this snippet. Her naughtiness really displayed in all its glory, in this book. The book is spicy hot and filled with lots of steamy instances to get you ready and scorching for hump day.

Perfect Ending to a Hectic Day
by Shey

He closes in on her backing her up against the wall. He pulls her close as He takes her lips in a passionate kiss as His hand cups her pussy. He unzips His pants freeing His hard cock as He lifts her up and plunges into her wetness. Ruthless in His strokes as He takes her mouth to muffle their cries of passion. 

Murals of Lust by Raavee and Shey

Murals of Lust is available at all of Amazon's sites and available in 3 languages, English, French, and Spanish. Amazon US

Murals of Lust is available at Barnes & Noble in English and Spanish. Barnes & Noble 

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