Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Author Elise Elliott

My friend Elise Elliott is guest posting today. Elise is retired and lives in the South with her dog, Harley. She writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

This is a little sneak peak from my upcoming book, Accidental Adventures of Morty and Hildy.

After helping Sela clear the table, Hildy followed her into the cozy little kitchen and almost dropped her armload of dishes. 
"W...w...what...," was all she could manage to get out, as she gazed in horror and disbelief at the huge alligator staring up at her from the kitchen floor.
"Damn Floyd! I've told you about sneaking in here and scaring people. Do you want someone to call the game warden? Do you want them hauling your spoiled green ass back to the bayous?"
Hildy had frozen since her first glimpse of the fifteen foot reptile, and was amazed to see him scurry out the back door which Sela held open for him. Taking the dishes from Hildy's trembling hands, Sela put them in the sink and led the still baffled and shaken girl to a chair. When she had fetched a glass of water for her guest, Sela joined her at the table and said, "Let me tell you about Floyd. Once you understand you'll know there is nothing to fear from him." 

After the release of this book, I’ll be coming out with my second book of poetry. 
My first book of poems Leaves From The Book Of My Life can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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