Friday, March 9, 2012

The Commitment Ceremony

Coming up in Love’s Bayou 2, Clay and Blade are planning a commitment ceremony for Bri, where they will declare that she is their sub and collar her.
In Clay and Blade’s world, the commitment ceremony is more sacred than marriage vows. After the events that took place in Trust Us, the three of them sat down and discussed their wants, needs, expectations, and desires. These will be a part of their vows in the ceremony.
In preparation for the ceremony, Clay and Blade ask Megan to design an outfit for Bri. They are also having a collar and matching rings made for the three of them; each item was to be encrusted with jewels. All of the adults of Love’s Bayou are invited to join in the festivities. In Love’s Bayou celebrations like commitment ceremonies are common, as most of the residents are in a menage relationship, and have the ceremony in lieu of a wedding.
Be sure to read Love’s Bayou 2, which will include all the details and the grandeur of the ceremony.

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