Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bri's Poem to Clay and Blade

During the commitment ceremony, Bri reads a poem to Clay and Blade, that she’s written for the occasion. 

“As we stand before our friends and family, I declare my love for both of you. Although, I thought love was a fairy tale, you have shown me that it does exist. Besides my mind, body, soul, I give to both of you, my heart.”

Can You See My Heart?
Through the surf’s mist 
Envelop in dense fog
Swallowed by sheets of rain
Bathed in sun light 
Covered in veils 
In the dark of night
From your dreams
Through your eyes
In your hearts
Can you see mine?

Be sure to read Love’s Bayou 2, which will include all the details and the grandeur of the ceremony.

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Can You See My Heart is a poem from A Sensual Thought 
by Heaven O'Shey 


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