Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day ~ Meaningless and Random Sex

Hump Day ~ Meaningless and Random Sex
by Heaven O'Shey

What makes a person want to engage in meaningless and random sex with a stranger? Is it because of a person’s looks? Their come ons? The thrill? The adventure? Wanting something strange?

Is having your itch scratch so important that you’ll do anyone and everyone? Even if the partner with whom you are having sex with, has absolutely nothing in common with you?

If someone approaches you for a one night stand, how would you feel? We are talking about someone who is not interested in you as a person or wants to have any kind of conversation. That person just wants you to go to their place and have a night of sex.

Why would a person risk contracting an STD, losing a significant other, being seen by a co-worker or family member, chance of pregnancy, and lowering one’s self for just a night of sex. Do you think a real relationship with someone you have taken the time to know be more meaningful and satisfying? 


  1. Sex is always better with someone you care about. It might seem thrilling (more to men than women) to have a night of sex with a stranger, but really it must be very empty.

    There must be some sort of connection either mentally or emotionally, before sex can be enjoyed physically.

    Just my take.