Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trust Us Gets 4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

"This book combines an excellent romantic suspense with the eroticism of a BDSM ménage. Clay and Blade are excellent alpha heroes, even if they are a bit too heavy handed at times. Their mistakes in their courtship of Bri make the story even more interesting. Bri’s ex-husband and his cohorts make up a team of some of the vilest villains that I have ever read about. The author gradually builds the romantic tension, as well as the suspense aspects. I have been at the edge of my seat by the end of the story. I really like Bri’s character and understand her need for secrecy, despite the unusually open society in Love’s Bayou. The other characters are also very well written and real. I am looking forward to my next trip to Love’s Bayou."
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
The full review can be seen on Coffee Time Romance & More.

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