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Trust Us Love's Bayou book 1

Trust Us is the first in the Love's Bayou series. It has m/f/m, suspense, romance, and a little light BDSM, and heavy on the erotic. Don’t let the cover fool you, Trust Us has an intriguing plot and hot sex


Bri had no idea how much her life would change when she moves to the Love's Bayou plantation she inherited. After her best friend talks her into turning the place into a BDSM club, Bri decides to keep her identity as the owner hidden when she meets and hires her Master/Manager and his brother.
Threats to her life force her under their protection, in lieu of protective custody. Her abusive past causes her to distrust all men and believe love is a fairy tale. The brothers in their kind and loving efforts show Bri, that not all men are the same and love does exist.
While under their protection, Bri is introduced to the joys of a menage a trois, and experiences heights of ecstasy, the pleasure of pain, and genuine love and caring.
She finds her life evolving in ways she never imagined, as she tries to run from her feelings and those trying to harm her.  

An excerpt from Chapter 1

Brianna couldn't believe she was now the owner of a BDSM club, something out of character for her. Yet, here she stood in the middle of the first floor of what will be Club Amour. As Bri read the labels on the boxes of equipment that been delivered, she shivered at the thought, being bound, and whipped. 

No not me! Brianna wanted no part of the lifestyle. 

Checking her watch again, Brianna noticed that she had fifteen minutes until her scheduled appointment arrived. As she looked around the first floor of the club, the contractor and his crew had accomplished their task of transforming the old run down plantation she inherited from her Aunt Marge into its former grandeur.

Brianna had fond memories of Aunt Marge, and visiting her every summer since she was eleven until she departed for college. She had loved spending time with Marge in the small quiet town and spending the long hot days of summer in the gardens, barns, and pastures, growing vegetables and tending the animals. Aunt Marge had taught Bri about the simple things in life; things she had forgotten living in a large city with the corporate rat race. 

Eight months ago; Brianna’s life had changed with her daughter leaving for college, and Aunt Marge’s passing and leaving her the estate in Love’s Bayou. 

Four years earlier, Bri had divorced, and moved back to her hometown, putting a hundred miles distance between her and her jerk of an ex-husband. Despite the fact, he vowed she never would be free of him, she finally was. 

Love’s Bayou, now that is irony, Brianna thought. After witnessing many friends—realize their husbands lied and cheated—and wind up divorced, just like her, she was convinced that there was no such thing as love between a man and a woman. 

It only took Brianna a couple of days after moving to Love’s Bayou to realize this little town was different than any other she known, or even heard about for that matter. The lifestyles of the residents were different, but most everyone in Love’s Bayou was happy. They seemed to really believe in the fairy tale, which Brianna refused to acknowledge, existed. 
After she was, all moved in and settled she phoned her long time best friend Callie Roberts, informing her of her whereabouts. In addition, telling her all about Love’s Bayou and its inhabitants, Callie has suggested turning the plantation into a BDSM club, providing an income for Brianna, but Brianna brushed Callie’s idea off.
Callie had been involved with clubs for a long time. She had tried to get Brianna to go to one for years before and after her marriage, but Brianna always refused. Brianna could not understand why Callie or any other woman would want to be tied up, whipped, and serve a man’s every whim; nevertheless, it was their life to live as they chose.
Callie finally talked her into converting the old plantation into a club after several weekend visits and hours on the phone explaining away her misconceptions of the lifestyle. After all, Callie was one of the very few of Brianna’s friends that was truly happy, and besides, Brianna needed some way to make a living in this small town without having to commute forty minutes one-way to her corporate job. 
Although she had plans of starting her own web design business, it would take time to become established and self-sufficient, and this was a good chance for cash flow in the meantime. 
Having first hand experience in clubs and being an architect, Callie drew plans for the remodel. Drove down on the weekends checking on the renovations, and helped with the purchasing of the equipment and furnishings needed. She was Brianna’s chief ally in creating a club from the plantation.
Glancing at her watch again, Brianna walked to the office off the lobby. Looking in the mirror, she saw a very confident woman dressed in a gray suit looking very professional. More like she was ready for a power meeting with a CEO of a fortune 500 company instead of interviewing a Dom for the position of Manager of the club. Feeling insecure about the aspects of running a BDSM club, she decided, with Callie’s help, of course, to find and hire a manager. She planned to use the pretense that she was a representative for an out-of-state company keeping her identity as owner safe.

Driving on the I-10 in his Ridgeline, Clay had left his home, in the suburbs of Baton Rouge. About another hour before his ten o’clock appointment in Love’s Bayou. When his old friend Lance Moore told him that his sub’s best friend was looking for a manager for a new club opening soon. Clay had Callie, Lance’s sub, suggest him for the position. Lance and Callie, along with a few of the men’s close-knit group, were members of the same club as Clay.
Clay’s friend, Jake, who lived in Love’s Bayou enlightened him regarding the town’s—co-optation. Inhabitants could live their life free of ridicule as long as it did not break the laws of the town, which had been instated by the founders. 
Tired of all the crime, the norm of living in a large metropolis, Clay longed for the peace and quiet of a small town. Love’s Bayou offered that and so much more. In Love’s Bayou, his lifestyle would not draw attention from a prejudiced and judgmental society, and he would not have to worry about being labeled a criminal. 
Having studied, trained and lived the lifestyle since his college days, Clay was considered not just a Dom, but a Master by his peers. During this time, he had not owned a slave, because he was very specific and certain of what he wanted in a submissive woman; not just someone to order about like a doormat, but a pet that he could cherish and care for.
A new club, new town, and new women. Women being the operative word, Clay wanted a woman old enough to know what she wants, not some flighty twenty something girl. No, he could not deal with that anymore. Women like that reminded him of his ex- wife. Charlotte, whom he married right out of college. He should have recognized the warning signs: Charlotte was a mouse, scared of her own shadow, and resentful of the fact that Clay was so dominant in the bedroom. Clay had to turn it down a few notches and stick strictly to vanilla and it was still too much for her. The first time he was called to deploy for a mission, she left him and filed for divorce. 
Charlotte’s family had pushed her to marry one of the Le Deux brothers, whose family lands bordered theirs, assuming the marriage would produce heirs who would eventually combine the family holdings. 
Now that Clay turned forty-two, he wanted more out of life. Maybe Love’s Bayou was the answer.

Right on time, Bri heard the knock on the office door. Turning she faced the man in the doorway, dressed all in black from his hair to his boots, the silk shirt and trousers clinging to his body showing off all his assets. Standing in the doorway, Clay filled it almost completely with his broad shoulders, Bri deliberated whether he looked like a god or a dark angel. 
“Damn Callie!” Brianna silently cursed, for having set up an interview with such a good looking man. She was already nervous enough without having to worry about staring at the man.
Callie’s Dom, a long time friend of Clay LeDeux, vouching for him, had said that he was one of the most sought after Doms in the South, because he was an honorable man with an excellent reputation.

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