Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sensual Thought

A Sensual Thought is a collection of sensual and erotic poetry, currently only available at Amazon.

A Night of Ecstasy

Lying in bed next to You
Our bodies covered in sweat
Shallow are our breaths
From tantric lovemaking
Your arm around me
my head on Your chest
Slowly we come down from high
i licked the rose petals off You
Your fingers peel petals from my nipples
The brush of your hand makes them pebble
You shift to take a turgid tip in Your mouth
my hand in Your hair
Your hand caresses down my body
Reaching the juices 
Flowing from my velvet lips
my thighs squeeze together taking 
Your hand prisoner 
You place my ankles at your shoulders
Positioning Your cock 
At my weeping pussy
Plunging deep 
Ravishing my cunt
my legs slide around Your waist 
Pulling You closer with each stroke
my arms wrapping Your shoulders tight
Till cries of ecstasy 
Can be heard in the night
Sentiments whispered
Sweet kisses upon our lips
Exhausted we sleep
Joined as one

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