Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trust Us, Excerpt

Clay punched the number sequence unlocking the door, and he and Blade entered and closed the door quietly behind them. A sliver of light shown from the control room jarred door as they crept towards the opening. Smiling when they saw her staring the monitors. Clay gave the hand signal for Blade to take the left side while he went to the right. Making their way to her, they put each a hand on her shoulders at the same time. Startled she swung around with her fist balled, and would have landed squarely on Clay’s jaw if he hadn’t caught her hand in his.
“Easy darling, it’s just me.” Clay said.
“And me,” Blade added.
Bri turned to face them, her breathing slowly returning to normal. “Why are you sneaking up on me?” She demanded.
Holding up his cell to show her the screen which alerted him, Blade informed her, “Darlin’, you’re the one who tripped the alarm.”
“Wow, you guys really take security seriously.” Bri said, impressed.
“Occupational hazard, we own a security company, remember.” Clay replied a little irritated at her doubt. “Why are you in here?”
“Uh, I just wanted to check things out,” she said sheepishly.
Chuckling Blade asked, “See anything you like to try?”
“Why didn’t you just go in the club and take a look?” Clay’s eyes narrowed, “We could have come in all gung ho, and you could have been hurt.”
“I was just making sure everything was going okay. Just doing my job.” She murmured, chastened.
Clay softened, and he smiled, “Darlin, you shouldn’t be hiding. You look too pretty to be in here all by yourself. Blade doesn’t she look pretty?”
Blade moved behind her pressing himself against her, his hands slowly traveled from her shoulder to her ass and circled each cheek then gave a light squeeze. “Pretty enough to eat,” his southern drawl more apparent.
Clay’s fingers touched her cheek, skimmed down her neck to her collarbone. Then, ever so slowly, they brushed just under the curve of her top slowing over each areola all the way to the opposite collarbone. “To suckle.” His lips whispered in her ear, then moved to brush her lips as he moved closer, his erection pressing into her stomach.
Blade’s lips brushed gently against her neck.
Bri tensed at their attentions; she couldn’t allow this; and she was their boss. She struggled with her senses while her body wanted to respond. No, her body was responding, her nipples pebbled, and her thong was dampening. Angry with her body for reacting this way, she pulled away. This was not her! How could she feel this way from barely a touch? She had to escape back to the safety of her house!
“Maybe the both of you should go back into the club; all those half naked women had an effect on you.” She stammered, trying to persuade them it wasn’t her that they wanted.
Shaking his head, Clay wondered if his words would be convincing. “Bri, we are not some teenagers that have no control. Our dicks are hard because of you.”
Nodding in agreement, Blade added, “Only you.”
“I have to go,” her voice cracked.
“Darlin, what’s your hurry?” Blade wanted to know.
“I…I’m tried.” She retorted.
“Don’t think so, darlin’. I think you’re scared to let yourself feel, to lose control and get lost in the pleasure.” Whispering against her neck Blade prodded.
“This is wrong, and I have to leave.” Her hands clenched.
“What’s wrong, darlin’? Is it wrong that your body responds to a man’s touch? Or that it responds to Blade and I touching you at the same time?” Clay’s voice rasping as he asked. Then, trailed his lips along her jaw and briefly brushed her against her lips again.
Bri stepped to the side to move towards the door when Blade grabbed her arm. “Not all men are assholes, Darlin’. Don’t lump us all together.”
Moving a step closer, Clay looked in her eyes and said softly. “Some of us know how to cherish a woman.”
She didn’t reply as she hurried out the way she came.

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